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shaine It’s easy to list out the basic benefits of booty calls. I mean even a person who isn’t all that bright can quickly rattle off that booty calls get you pussy. It gets you instant gratification and it gets you a tight hole to cum into. What’s not to like, right? Well the problem is this is just a tiny fraction of all the potential benefits you can get from booty calls. In fact, this is just a tip of the iceberg. These are the obvious benefits.

If you were to ask me the key benefits of booty calls run much deeper. First you become a better planner. You see succeeding with booty calls takes a lot of practice. Don’t expect to succeed with your first, second or even first hundred tries. That great thing about online adult dating sites is that they give you such a huge database of women that you can practice on hundreds of hundreds of women until you get your formula down right which leads me to the second benefit.

You think in terms of achieving a personal formula. You see the world rewards action. It doesn’t care about your intentions or motivations. The problem is different sets of actions work for different people. You have to find your own particular strategy based on your set of circumstances. With booty calls, you have the emotional urgency to keep making changes to your course of action until you find a formula that works personally for you. This formula doesn’t work for somebody else nor will their formula works for you which highlights the third benefit of booty calls.

It teaches you in no uncertain terms that you have to find your own way. There is not one-size-fits-all solution to getting pussy just as there is no cookie-cutter solution to getting the right job, being happy with life and developing meaningful relationships. Do you see how all this works out? Make no mistake about it, booty calls can be a treasure trove of deep, philosophical and personal lessons.

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Today is the right time for some crazy tribbing porn that you’re going to love most likely! You’re about to see two lovely lesbians offering incredible moments of pleasure to each other. With just a click you can start playing over thirty minutes of the most intense lesbian pussy fingering and licking you’ve ever come across online. These two babes aren’t just making a porn video together, they’re actually forming a couple in real life and that makes them even more appealing to watch!

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